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´╗┐BCS Aberdeen AGM 2020 followed by a talk on "Sleep better, be smarter and live longer"

Date Wednesday 21 Oct 2020
Time 18:30 - Free admission

Dr. Olga Runcie

About the speaker

Dr. Runcie is a Consultant Psychiatrist in General Adult Mental Health, working at Aberdeen hospitals since 2006, and specialising in Sleep issues.

Location Online - GoToWebinar


Our AGM is an important opportunity to hear about how the branch performed last year, and to join the Committee. New members, particularly Young Professionals are very welcome. We shall also outline our planned program, and the need to use GotoWebinar and make more use of Social Media.

About the talk

Sleep is an active complex physiological state with highly organized pattern of brain activities. During sleep our bodies are engaged in important housekeeping functions to repair the damage and to re-establish optimal waking performance. Multiple studies demonstrate that healthy sleep has a positive impact on physical and psychological wellbeing. By taking care of your sleep you helping yourself to achieve your optimum health and to prevent many chronic diseases. Healthy sleep is critical to our longevity. In this lecture you will learn what can influence our sleep and how to improve your sleep quality.


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