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HTML5 Presentation

Craig Nicol of Amor Business Technology Solutions made a presentation to the Aberdeen Branch on 18 November 2010. Craig's presentation may be downloaded here. The presentation was written in HTML5 and you will need a browser capable of displaying HTML5, for example Firefox 3.6.
The file to run to produce the slideshow is index-bcsaberdeen3.html.

For more information please visit Craig's blog at http://craignicol.wordpress.com.

For anyone who missed this presentation, it can now be viewed at "http://vimeo.com/16997524.

Also Chris Young of RGU has provided the following links that might be helpful, some of these aren't HTML5 specific, as they also cover CSS3, however they are still relevant.

Here are the links to some of the resources that Chris been building for use in School of Computing:

Best viewed in Safari as it is optimised to take advantage of webkit on the Apple ipad, the structure beneath uses the new HTML5 doctype and video and audio elements.

This is a mashup using the JQtouch framework, CSS3 and some HTML5 elements, again this is optimised for use on an iphone or ipod, however it is possible to view it within Safari and resize the screen to get roughly the correct size of an ipod to get the proper effect.